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Rocky Mountain Wing Album Overview and Frequently Asked Questions

This is where you get to share your photos with our website viewers. You can easily upload photos and captions, create new albums and "nested" albums to organize your photos. When you upload a photo, whether from your own PC, or use an image directly from another website, a "thumbnail" will automatically be created. Thumbnails are smaller images that can be clicked for the full sized view. Captions are shown below the thumbnail images. The viewing usage statistics are also shown below each photo thumbnail.

Wing Member's Photos

Members can create a "personal nested album" for their own pictures. Instructions are posted below as well as on this main page.

Wing Event Photos

We welcome these pictures as our aim is to have at least photo from each event and preferably many. Follow the instructions at the top of this Album's main page. Please contact the Album-master if you have problems posting your pictures.

Wing Museum and Facilities Photos

If you have any photos taken of our facilities, especially if they show somebody's joy at seeing our historical treasures, you can add these yourself..

On Tour and Warbird Ride Photos

Please share your photos as we visited your town, or if you had the pleasure of taking a ride in one of our warbirds..

If you have an idea for another top level album category, contact the Album-master.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to Log In to add or view photos?

No. Currently we have been able to leave the photo gallery open for anyone to add photos as there has been no abuse. However note that each photo will be reviewed upon its insertion and will be immediately deleted if inappropriate. This way even non-Wing members can add their photos as we are often too busy to use our own cameras.

How to Add A New Nested Album

When the [new nested album] button is clicked under the Select Action drop-down menu (top right corner), another new "untitled" album is immediately created. A page will appear that says "Hey! Add Some Photos". Returning to the Select Action drop down box, you may add a photo or photos by choosing one of these selections and following the instructions in the next paragraph.

How to Add A Photo

When the [add photos] button is clicked under the Select Action drop-down menu a new pop-up screen will be presented. Be sure you have pop-ups enabled for this website. The "Form" default method tab will be best for most casual or beginning users and can be used to upload multiple images. Just click the Browse button and locate the image you wish to upload on your computer. Fill in the Caption text for each photo. Note the CAF Copyright can be added and is suggested for most material for legal protection and the default "Lower Right" position should be used unless this will block something important. If the photographer is known, be sure to give them credit!

The "URL" tab is used if you wish to copy a photo from another website, however please abide by any copyrights. Pictures on a website are not inherently "public domain" and therefore you always need the owner's permission to copy it. Again, please give the owner or photographer credit in the caption.

What do I do afterwards?
If you created a new event or personal album, please contact the the Album-master. to expedite a proper link into the website, and we thank you for sharing your photos and keeping our website "live" and up-to-date. Keep 'em coming.

Rocky Mountain Wing of the Commemorative Air Force
Hangar Location
780 Heritage Way
Grand Junction, CO 81506
Mailing Address
P.O. Box 4125
Grand Junction, CO 81501
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